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Energy-saving principle of cotton suction fan in spinning frame

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Energy-saving principle of cotton suction fan in spinning frame

As we all know, with the development of science and technology, competition is fierce in all walks of life. The textile industry is faced with upgrading automation equipment, which increases power consumption. The textile mill itself is a large consumer of electricity. Therefore, at the same time, it is necessary to save energy, reduce emissions and increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and save cost.
The cotton suction fan is installed at the back of the spinning frame locomotive to absorb the broken florets of the centrifugal fan.

Old spinning machine suction fan


The efficiency of old-fashioned cotton suction fan is not high, mainly because the front cover and blade of impeller are separated, and there is a clearance of about 5mm when installing, which makes the fan loss larger. Secondly, the impeller air outlet is developed without volute pressurization.

Suction fan for Ring frame

The new type of energy-saving spinning machine suction fan, first of all, the impeller adopts double-sided impeller, and the working efficiency is 1.2 times higher than the separated impeller

The volute is added to the outside of the impeller to enhance the suction of the fan. The original 2.2kW fan can achieve the effect of the old fan only with 1.1KW fan. The 1.5KW energy-saving cotton suction fan exceeds 2.2kW negative pressure. Thus, the effect of energy saving can be achieved

Suction fan for Ring frame

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